About the Series



MICHELLE JONES is living the Black American dream. She has a nice home, a girlfriend, and a foot on the rung of professional ascension. When her marriage proposal is rejected and work contract ends, Michelle must rely on her close friends, twin brother, and formerly homophobic mother for support. 

Cast & Crew


Quare Life stars Ambria Sylvain (Michelle Jones), Tara Smith (Dana Williams), Dominica Strong (Pam Morris) and Dina Nina Martinez (Nari Diaz).

Myra Boone (producer); Jessica King (director); Christian Mejia (cinematographer); Dru Montague (lighting tech); and Alistair Slaughter (sound engineer).



M Shelly Conner is a Chicago-based writer, scholar and humorist. She is the executive director of Quare Square Inc., a nonprofit for queer artists of color and the curator of the dapper queer lifestyle website DapperVista.com.

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